Our story

Our mission is well-defined and our goal is clear: to make DNS management easy for you. We have simplified the process for all types of users and enabled effortless zone sharing. Having experienced the real-world challenges of navigating the complexities of DNS settings ourselves, we respond to your demands for an intuitive and efficient solution. 

Therefore, we simplified DNS management so that absolutely everyone can access it. Our tool is practical, time-saving and straightforward.

The DNS management application that evolves on your journey

Although we started with a clear vision for DNSense, we know that there is more work to be done. Our team is always working to make DNSense better by updating and adding new features to meet the needs of our users. We value the opinions of our user community and use them to become even better. With each update, our tool keeps up with your demands.

Empowering a real-world community

We focus on more than just technology. Our ecosystem supports real people and professionals, including IT experts, domain holders, and web agencies. We're committed to improving DNS management and empowering you to take control of your online presence. Together, we're shaping the future. That’s not just our story, it’s our motivation.

At DNSense, we understand IT, online, and DNS. Our tools are effective and intuitive, providing solutions that work and feel good.